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March 2007
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Daniel Island Club Earns Environmental Certification from Audubon International
Daniel Island Membership has its privileges at the Daniel Island Club, but so do more than 100 species of birds, a healthy population of white-tailed deer, raccoons and fox squirrels and the occasional alligator that decides to sun itself along the island’s 23 miles of rivers and creeks. In recognition of the club’s environmental stewardship and protection of wildlife habitat, the Daniel Island Club has been designated a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System, the educational division of Audubon International, also recognized the Daniel Island Club’s Mike Fabrizio, director of grounds and maintenance; and Jason King, golf course superintendent, for their environmental leadership.

“The Daniel Island Club has shown a strong commitment to its environmental program. It is to be commended for its efforts to protect the local watershed while providing a sanctuary for wildlife on the golf course property,” said Shawn Williams, Audubon staff ecologist.

The certification is based on environmental planning, wildlife and habitat management, outreach and education, chemical use reduction and safety, water conservation and water quality management.

The Daniel Island Club gets high marks from environmentalists for its creation and maintenance of wildlife habitat. Maintenance practices around marsh, wetlands and lakes, along with the use of lake aerators, reduce the amount of chemicals needed to maintain turf and control algae. Use of wetting agents and a computer-controlled irrigation system also help conserve water.

The Audubon certification is testament to the club’s goal to maintain our courses in an environmentally responsible manner,” Fabrizio said. “It’s also further evidence of The Daniel Island Company’s commitment to the conscientious development of the island.”

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Landscaping Check List
Waterfall Photo courtesy of Tim Anderson, Landscape Masters, Charleston, SC

When you decide to landscape (or re-design) your property, make sure your home and landscape design complement each other. In order to achieve harmony, several things should be considered, such as budget, skill, climate, personal design tastes, and available resources.

The following is a list of landscaping tips to help you get started.

1. Make sure you plan a year-round theme. The key in landscaping is to include plants related to all four seasons. For example, a combination of flowering trees or shrubs and fall foliage.

2. Layer the planting beds in rows of three that include a back row filled with tall plants, a middle row planted with medium size plants, and a front row containing short plants. The repetition of each flower bed will give your garden a unified look.

3. Consider the use of evergreens to provide structure and continuity.

4. Experiment with annuals to supplement perennial color. Perennial flowers are ideal as they last a long period of time however, they bloom only in a specific period. The best strategy is to incorporate annuals with perennials so you have color when perennial flowers are not yet in bloom.

5. Don’t forget to assimilate hardscape features into your final landscape design, i.e. fences and other garden decorations.

6. Don’t be daunted by water features. One of the best focal points of any landscape designs is the use of water. Installing a water feature, such as a pond or simple waterfall, will make your garden more visually appealing and will create soothing sounds which are great for relaxation.

7. Make sure you can maintain your yard easily.

8. Enjoy!

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