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February 2007
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Welcome to the February 2007 edition of Golf Real Estate OnLine News.

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Annika Sorenstam Teams up with Reunion Resort & Club
Annika The world’s No. 1-ranked female golfer is preparing to open Annika’s Academy of Golf & Fitness at Reunion Resort & Club.

A 5,400 square-foot, state-of-the-art teaching facility, ringed by private chipping and putting greens, will serve as the centerpiece of the academy. Students will sharpen their skills on Reunion’s three Signature golf courses designed by golf legends Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Small class sizes of approximately seven to nine people per class will afford students an unprecedented level of personalized attention, not often found today in golf clinics and schools.

As Annika’s success on the course has been due in large part to being in excellent physical condition, much of the training at the academy will focus not only on the golf swing, but on athletic training, including cardio and core-strengthening techniques. The philosophies of Annika’s personal trainer, Kai Fusser, will lie at the foundation of her curriculum.

Another focus for students at the academy will be mental strength in regard to the game. Techniques to improve both on-course focus and confidence will be incorporated into the teaching sessions.

Sorenstam intends to utilize the facility to enhance her relationship with the Make-AWish Foundation and junior golf programs.

Reunion Resort & Club will offer packages including sessions at the academy, which is slated to open in mid-2007.

For More Information Call: 888-ANNIKA-2 (888-266-4522)

Tips for Hiring a Contractor for your Golf Course Home
Construction By Brandon Tucker, Staff Writer, Golf Publisher Syndications

Some homeowners learn the hard way that a relationship with a contractor can be a messy one. When high aspirations meet high costs, the results can be disappointing.

There are ways homeowners can protect themselves from being taken advantage of and education tops the list. Here are GolfCourseRealty.com's tips for finding and hiring the right contractor.

1. Learn the bad, not just the good: Most contractors will be happy to show you a portfolio of their best work and refer you to satisfied clients, but you can learn a lot from the bad times too. Ask about jobs that didn't go so smoothly, and check with your local Better Business Bureau or the relevant government agency to see if a contractor has generated any complaints. Find out if conflicts were handled professionally, and whether the contractor held up his side of the bargain when challenged.

2. See previous work firsthand: The right photo can make almost any home look like a masterpiece; best to go see for yourself. You'll get a much better look at his work and the quality of materials, and whether ideas that sound good on paper look as good in practice.

3. Know what questions to ask: Has this company ever gone over budget or past deadline? How long have similar projects taken in the past? For renovation jobs, how much of a nuisance will the work be and what will the contractor due to keep the site clean during off-hours. Asking informed questions will let the contractor know you're no rookie.

4. Interview in person: Phone and e-mail are more convenient, but it won't tell you the whole story about someone you're investing in. Meet face-to-face and make sure you have good chemistry and communication.

5. Don't sacrifice quality for cost: It's easy to take the lowest offer, but that can mean compromising on quality or know-how. Many contractors trying to break into a certain market will charge less to get their foot in the door but may not know about local ordinances, zoning codes and environmental obligations. Still, if you are attracted to a higher bidder, make sure it has plenty to offer that other firms don't.

6. Have legal representation: There's plenty of potential for the homeowner/contractor relationship to get messy, so it's always good to invest a little in peace of mind. Having a lawyer from day one can often be more economical than having to find representation quickly if something goes wrong.

7. Don't pay up front: Pay only for work that gets done, and set up time penalties that reduce payments if something isn't done on time. This will ensure that your job gets priority. Don't pay for the contractor's materials in advance either; wait for the bill.

8. Check the crew: The crew your contractor hires can make all the difference in speed and quality of work. Ask about his hiring practices and make sure he isn't hiring cheap, inexperienced help.

9. Check his specialties: A contractor might be the best in town on, say, patios and decks, but if that isn't your priority, don't hire him. Some contractors who specialize in renovations or additions will try to get a job building a house from the ground up despite never having done it before. Make sure yours isn't the first.

10. Check credentials: Don't take out the checkbook until you know the contractor is bonded and licensed. This will also protect you from liability if anyone is hurt on your property during construction.

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